With the use of our IDaaS (Identity as a Service), our product removes the need for complex IT hardware configuration with the help of API intergrations.


What We Include

Whitelabel Capabilities

A whitelabel system that is modular and provides customisation and great flexibility to suit your business, or organisation.

Organisation Dashboard

Manage configuration settings with ease and get access to a visual display of your most important information that requires your attention.

Fully integrable with extensive API's

Our agile API is both customisable and flexible, allowing us to deploy features and functionaility quickly and easily to meet your needs.


Multiple document verification

We contact mulitple ID verification providers and then cross-examine mulitple documents for legitimacy.

Managed verification portal

The managagement of the verification portal provides additional security measures for logging into the system.

Broad country support

A broad range of support is available to help with your setup and navigation of your Whitelabel system.

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Full encryption at rest

A symmetric encryption key is used to encrypt data as it is written to storage. The encryption is to further improve our security by adding additional full encryption at rest for the purpose of stopping anyone gaining physical access to the known hard drive/s. We have multiple layers of encryption to keep your information and files secure.



Identity and biometric matching services help verify and protect your identity while exposing potential threats. Biometric-based identification is the more reliable way to know if someone has been identified before and is more reliable than using previous ‘username and password’ login details.


Identity Checks


Identity checks

Identity checks may involve one or more of the following ways to check to see if identities match. We use: A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), biometrics, computer vision or have the text displayed for human review. It is the combination of these that sets us apart.

Right to work checks

We enjoy providing employers with peace of mind as we check their potential employees to see if they are eligable to work the correct country of employment. Our system is connected with the department of immigration’s Visa Entitlement.

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Servicing three regions

+ United States
+ European Union
+ Asia Pacific